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There are many sights to see in North Bali. We would like to share some trips that you will most likely not find anywhere else. We offer a driver guide to accompany you to any of the following places. The 70,000 Rph per hour charge includes the driver and petrol for groups of up to 4 people. Take a two hour jaunt to the hot springs or full day up in the mountains. We can arrange just about anything you would like to see or experience during your stay. Just stop by and inquire at our front desk. Here are a few of our favorites...
Sekumpal Waterfall
Sekupal Waterfall 2
Red Door Bali
Bali Rice Terrace
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Lovina Dolphin Boats
Bali Mejanan Island Snorkling
Village Jeep Trek at Sunset - Ride on the back roads in our glass-topped and windowless jeep up through the clove and coffee plantations for a glimpse of Bali most people never see. This intimate look at the life of Bali and the extraordinary views of the Bali Sea at sunset is often a highlight of guests' trip to North Bali. Between 5 and 7pm in the evening  100,000 Per Hour
Sunrise With the Dolphins - Always a beautiful morning on the water.
100,000 Rph per person.
Add snorkling for 100,000 Rph.
The local captain will meet you on directly on our beach at 6:00 in the morning.

Snorkeling at Menjangen Island - Spectacular coral and fish just a short drive west along the coast. Perfect day trip with lunch at Pemuteran village. Boat and Sorkeling gear  250,000 Per Person plus 70,000 Rph per hour for transport.

Another note
... Lovina's best reef for snorkeling is located just in front of the hotel. Help yourself to the masks and fins at the office and head out on your own. Guests have seen turtles just off the reef marker sign.
Lovina Dolphin Boat Sunrise
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Sekumpul Waterfalls - An off the beaten track adventure through a canopy of spice and tropical fruit trees. A path leads to the gorge and all levels of hikers will find the view of these multiple falls breathtaking. Or climb down the series of stairs to arrive beneath the falls and take in the spray.



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